Expanding Quality of Life for all Neighborhoods

From the Pacific Ocean to our deserts and everything in between, San Diego’s natural environment and climate are near the top reasons people choose to make a life here.  Our environment is a precious asset and right of every San Diegan to enjoy. It also provides huge economic benefits through tourism to our city. I will work to expand this growing sector of our economy even more.

As your councilman I will protect and preserve our natural finite resources and ensure public access wherever they exist. Public spaces are crucial to San Diegans' quality of life, especially for our children. The 9th District is woefully short of public spaces including parks. I will work with our communities and respective stakeholders to develop more safe open spaces including parks for young children and teens. And I will not forget our beloved pets – we will open more dog parks as well. 

I will work to fund and implement environmental plans that will make San Diego a world leader in renewable energy and water while creating new industries and thousands of new high paying jobs that cannot be outsourced.