Affordable Housing is good for business

Home ownership is the backbone of our community and our economy. However it is increasingly out of reach for far too many. San Diegans who have worked hard and sacrificed in order to buy a home and have a stake in their communities, worry that their children will be locked out of home ownership in the city they helped build. We cannot afford a city that leaves no place for working class families. Unaffordable housing makes San Diego increasingly uncompetitive and difficult to attract and retain both employers and employees such as police officers, fire fighters and teachers.

While housing has been deemed an emergency by past Councils, and nearly every elected official, no meaningful movement has been made to tackle this growing “emergency”. We cannot accept the status quo. As your Councilman, this will be a top priority for me, before it’s too late. We must also immediately address the needless tragedy of homelessness throughout San Diego, especially among our military. Our homeless community, including veterans, families and many students should not have to wait any longer for meaningful solutions. I will not pass this issue off for another year or another council. This moral and economic crisis can be solved sooner with bold ideas and the right leadership.