Building Reliable Infrastructure Where it’s Needed Most

America’s Finest City needs a little work – we all know this. We all see it when we drive through our neighborhoods. We all feel it with every pothole and every flooded ditch. The 9th District has more than its fair share of these issues. Years of neglected infrastructure and deferred maintenance have left us with crumbling sidewalks, inefficient water and sewer systems, and not enough fire stations, street lamps or parks.

While addressing our infrastructure needs will be expensive, continuing to neglect them as city hall has done for far too long will be even more costly. Not only will improving our infrastructure make San Diego an even nicer and safer place to live, it will also make us more appealing and competitive for businesses and save the city money over the long term. I will work closely with communities and planning groups to develop a detailed comprehensive plan and tackle these projects as efficiently and quickly as possible.