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Home ownership is the backbone of our community and economy. However, it is increasingly out of reach for many San Diegans who have worked and sacrificed in order to buy a home and have a stake in their communities only to see their children locked out of home ownership in the city they helped build. We can no longer afford a city that leaves no place for working class families. Unaffordable housing makes San Diego increasingly uncompetitive in attracting and retaining both small and large employers and their employees including military service members, police, fire fighters, teachers, service workers, and students.

While housing and homelessness has been deemed an emergency by past City Councils, no meaningful movement has been made to tackle this growing “emergency”. San Diegans cannot afford the status quo. As your Councilmember, housing will be a top priority for me. Our veterans, families with children, and students should not have to wait any longer for meaningful solutions, and I will not pass this issue off for another year or another council. This moral and economic crisis can be solved sooner with bold ideas and bold and thoughtful leadership. 


Small businesses drive our local economy and employ more people than anyone else. On council I will have a community representative dedicated to servicing our district's many diverse businesses. I will advance policies that will cut red tape, unnecessary regulations, and barriers to starting and growing businesses. I will work to make our city a ready, willing, and able partner to entrepreneurs and businesses of every size and diversity. 

I will also work with City departments to improve front desk services to greatly reduce process times and improve the permitting process in significant and measurable ways. As Councilmember, I will incentivize getting small businesses up and running affordably and quickly. The City should work more closely with the County to streamline or eliminate confusing or duplicate regulations where possible.


As your Councilmember, I will not forget that the City of SanDiego works for you, the resident, and that you deserve the highest level of service and professionalism from all City departments. I will ensure that our City employees have the tools and incentives to better serve residents and businesses.  Engaging with the City should not be intimidating, time consuming, or too costly. I will strive to continuously improve and speed up City services. The delivery of City services should be measured and shared openly so that San Diegans know exactly what to expect and how well customers are being served. Where beneficial, I will expand and encourage the use of “over the counter” and online services that are user-friendly and that will reach more residents, especially those that don’t traditionally use online services.


Safe Neighborhoods will always be a top priority for me as your Councilmember. We have an amazingly diverse district that benefits greatly from smart community policing. From communities in Kensington to the College Area and from City Heights to South Crest, our neighborhoods have their own unique character that we should preserve.

Community policing, emergency services, and other first responders should reflect the communities they serve and have the proper tools, training, and adequate staffing to serve those communities. I will work towards finally addressing the City's long-standing problem of hiring and retaining police officers and firefighters so that we can maintain safe staffing levels throughout our district.


From the Pacific Ocean to our deserts and everything in between, San Diego’s natural environment and climate are near the top of reasons people choose to make a life here.  Our environment is a precious asset and right of every San Diegan to enjoy. It also provides huge economic benefits through tourism to our city. I will work to expand this growing sector of our economy even more.

As your Councilmember, I will protect and preserve our natural finite resources wherever they exist. Public spaces are crucial to San Diegans' quality of life, especially for our children. The 9th District is woefully short of public spaces including parks. I will work with our communities and respective stakeholders to develop more safe open spaces including parks for young children, teens, and pets as well. I will work to fund and implement environmental plans that will make San Diego a world leader in renewable energy and water while creating new industries and thousands of new high paying jobs that cannot be outsourced.


America’s finest city needs a lot of work – we all know this. We all see it when we drive through our neighborhoods. We all feel it with every pothole and every flooded ditch. The 9th District has more than its fair share of these issues. Years of neglected infrastructure and deferred maintenance have left us with crumbling sidewalks, inefficient sewer systems, and not enough community or elder centers or parks.

Continuing to neglect our infrastructure needs, as City Hall has done for too long, will prove to be costly. Improving our infrastructure will make San Diego an even nicer and safer place to live and it will also make us more competitive for businesses and save the residents money over the long term. I will work closely with communities and planning groups to develop a detailed comprehensive plan and tackle these projects as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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